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Corpsey here,

I apologize for my absence lately. I haven’t really posted much in the past few months, if at all. I had lost quite a bit of inspiration and didn’t like how much I was reblogging so I took a haitus. I got caught up in life stuff so the break lasted longer than I had planned but I’m back. Slowly but surely.

Thank you to those who have stuck around; even those who have just forgotten I existed. Hope you stick around a little longer.

Unpleasant dreams,

Cicada 3301

German policeman in 'cannibal' case

Police in Dresden say they have arrested a 55-year-old police officer on suspicion of murder after the body of another man was found in the Erz mountains in eastern Germany.

Police say that body parts of the victim were missing, and it is possible that cannibalism may have taken place.

More has developed since.

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